Course Finder

Course Finder is one of the superb modules on StudentDelight which avails prospective students the opportunity to search for courses they can study with their current WAEC, NECO, or GCE result.

Students choose their preferred faculty and inputs the subjects they wrote in their O level examination and the grades they had.

Course Finder, through a complex algorithm, find courses that match the subjects and grades within the faculty they have selected. If there are marching courses, the result will be displayed. Student will be required to login to see full results.


Only select 5 subjects with at least C5.
English is compulsory for all courses.
Don’t include Trade Subjects or Civic Education in your search.
If you failed Math or had D7 or E8, don’t include it in your search. There are over 50 courses you can study without Math on this portal.

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Please add 5 subjects to search. English is compulsory.