How to cure PE with Samsu Oil and Herbs

How to cure completely PE with samsu oil

PE is a situation where the sperm cell comes out very quickly during intercourse. It is very common among men. Some men when they meet their women, within just 3 seconds they out. This problem is mostly caused by bacteria infection, weak nerve, anxiety.

Other causes include: Excess of chemical intake, having intercourse with a woman while she is still on the menstrual cycle, too much of sugar consumption, pile, masturbation and so on.

I’ll go straight to the point. There are two ways to cure PE completely. I am sharing this with you because I am a living testimony

  • Samsu oil
  • Herb mixture


Cure PE with Samsu Oil

Samsu oil is a herbal remedy for PE produced by
PD Samsu in “Jakarta-Indonesia” to manage all conditions of premature climaxing in men. It is very effective in the management of early climaxing caused by hypersensitivity of the male organ.

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Let me go deeper for better understanding.

Samsu oil is a topical herbal liquid oil medication for men and the purpose of this oil is to reduce the level of sensitivity of male organ so as to overcome the problem of PE and prolong your sexual power… Once you apply this Samsu oil before meeting your wife, you will have a long delay of climax

The herbal oil is made from natural ingredients that compose of;

Zingiberis Rhizoma extract…….20%w/v
Mycroetices S3men……..10%w/v.


Main purpose and benefits of Samsul Oil

The aim of this oil is to prevent early discharge of semen to avoid PE. Samsu oil also contains an antiseptic to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. And with this Samsu oil, you do not have to worry about your wife feeling unsatisfied.


Key features of Samsu Oil

  • Cures PE
  • Pure herbal with no side effect
  • External use, no need to damage body organs
  • Corrects erectile dysfunction
  • Contains antiseptic against bacterial infection
  • Ensures sexual satisfaction
  • Easy to use
  • Prolong climax (30mins and above)


Who can use Samsu Oil

Any married man can use Samsu Oil. It does not matter the colour of your skin. Black, White, Asia, Albino.


Best way to use Samsu Oil:

You can use samsu oil without action. (Cure PE)
You can use Samsu oil before action. (Prevent PE)

How to apply Samsu Oil without action.

(That is you just want to treat PE.)

Step 1

Wash your organ with clean water and dry with a towel. Your organ should be in a normal position not erected.

Step 2

Apply the Samsu oil around the organ’s cap and on the skin. After 5 to 10 minutes, you will start feeling a tingling sensation… That’s normal. If not, it is fake.

If your organ is small, it is better you maintain a single position. Like lying down on your back and flip your organ to rest on your pubic hair. This will prevent the organ from touching the scrotums. Believe me, you will not like the pain you will feel if the oil touches your scrotums.

Step 3

After 30 minutes you can go about your normal business or wash off if you like with clean water. Do not use soap. Repeat same after 10 days interval…

To test effectiveness, use a contraceptive with your spouse. If you last longer than usual when using a contraceptive, then try without using it.

You see, the purpose of Samsu Oil is to cure PE and not something you should use every day to avoid addiction. Keep repeating this cycle until you feel you can perform without Samsu oil

Watch the video below to see how to apply Samsu oil on your organ and the quantity of oil to apply.

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How to apply Samsu oil before action…

Outrightly, Samsu Oil can be used to boost performance.

Step 1

Clean your organ with water and dry with a towel. Your organ should not be erected while applying (Some prefer to apply while the organ is erected).

Step 2

Apply Samsu Oil… Watch the video… And wait for 30mins. I know your organ won’t stand for that long so it’s okay if it shrinks after applying Samsu oil. As it shrinks, your organ absorbs the content of the oil and you will start to feel a tingling sensation. 

Step 3

After the wait is over, wash your organ, then go and meet your wife. You will last longer than expected. You don’t need to apply the oil again the next day… One application can last 72hrs.


The side effect of Samsu oil.

  • If you apply too much, you will feel like you applied a hot balm on your organ. The more of it you apply, the hotter you feel. Bare the pain!!! If you try to wash off at that moment, the hotness will double.
  • Another side effect is that it numbs you if you apply too much of it that is because Samsu oil is a desensitizer.


What Samsu Oil won’t do!!!

Correct weakness or poor erection organ

Samsul Oil with not correct or heal poor erection of your organ but you can get rid of weak or poor erection with herbs. Get 3 big onions, boil and squeeze out the juice, filter it and mix it with the same quantity of honey, stir and boil it again the moment it reaches the boiling point, remove it and pour in a bottle. Take 3 big spoonfuls of it after a meal at night for 1 week.


Correct low sperm count

Samsu Oil won’t solve your low sperm count. To cure low sperm count you need to get some quantity of guava leaves, pound and mix 4 litres of boiled water, clean gallon that has tight a cover and put in a fridge or a cupboard. Drink 1 tumbler daily for 2 weeks. After which you should be eating a mixture of carrot and cucumber every night for another two weeks. The condition will increase drastically.


Boost sperm count.

Samsul Oil won’t boost your sperm count. To boost, get soya beans milk powder. Mix with pure natural honey, grinded cucumber and grinded unripe pawpaw together. Mix very well and drink 2 tablespoonfuls every night for 1 month.

Also, the mixture of cucumber with groundnut and constant intake of carrots, cereal, custard, and palp gives result in sperm boosting.


Where to buy Samsu oil.

If you live anyway Nigeria… Benin, Ibadan, Abuja, Port Harcourt etc, you can buy Samsu Oil from Jumia . A lot of sellers are selling the same product on Jumia and some are fake. According to reports, Indians, Ghana, Canada also like Samsu oil. You can buy Samsu oil from Alibaba.


How to cure PE with Herbs

To cure PE with herbs, get 1 handful of fresh okra seeds, blend it and mix with 1 bottle of Soda Water. Shake very well and allow to ferment for 1 day. After which you shake very well and drink 4 tablespoonfuls in the morning and 4 tablespoonfuls at night for 1 week.

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