100 Lists of Commercial Courses you can Study in Nigeria

Are you a Commercial student? Are you still contemplating on which course to study in the university? Don’t worry, I was a commercial student those long gone days. I have compiled 100 lists courses you can study as a Commercial student in Nigeria with Admission requirements. That is the subjects needed in O level (WAEC, NECO, GCE) result to study Commercial courses. In case you don’t know, Social Science is another name for Commercial courses. Ah! I guess you don’t that. I also want you to know that you can study Art courses if you have a good background in Government, History or Literature – in – English. Never limit yourself.

It’s a long list. I assume you may have had an idea of what you wish to study but yet, I urge you to go through this list carefully – I bet you may change your mind.

Take your time… and make the right choice…


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